Emergency Repair 

Danser, Inc. has experience completing multi-million dollar fabrication and construction projects safely and on time, including multi-craft projects. Danser's teams of engineers, project managers, and field foremen have decades of experience completing complex duct, piping, mechanical, structural steel, and other system installation and start-up assistance. Danser also has experience managing multiple subcontractors.

Stuff happens, and nobody understands better than the people here at Danser. That's why we specialize in unique emergency repair or "hot work" — repairing or updating a kiln while it's still operating. Our hot work capabilities minimize or completely eliminate downtime so there is little or no interruption in production.

Hot work is made possible by Danser's design and fabrication expertise. The replacements to be installed are crafted to exact tolerances, which ensure an effective, infallible assembly.

Ductwork is installed on the kiln in a rapid sequence where a fan is temporarily shut down or a back-draft is created so normal kiln operation can be quickly resumed. Piping and burner installation might require no kiln shutdown at all.

Danser has developed the "hot work" capability from years of experience in the field. Our team is ready and equipped to get your systems back up and running on an emergency basis — with only a few days, to a few hours notice.

Danser's "Hot Work" Capabilities include the installation and replacement of:

  • New or reworked ductwork
  • Burners
  • Piping
  • Controls

The advantages of "Hot Work"

  • Valuable time savings
  • Minimal to no production loss
  • Overall cost savings
  • Quality fabrication and installation
  • Experienced professionals
  • Fast response, quick results