What We Do

Danser, Inc. offers piping & metal fabricating and installation services.


What We Do

Danser, Inc. offers piping & metal fabricating and installation services.


Danser, Inc. is a vertically integrated fabrication and construction company, offering turnkey solutions across a variety of industrial and commercial markets. Our team of innovative engineers and skilled craftsmen are capable of building anything, whether from customer drawings or simply customer ideas. Some of our fabrication specialties include: breeching, ductwork, spiral ductwork, pollution control systems, industrial heating components, fittings, Vacuduct®, and kilns & furnaces.

With over 70 years of experience adding value and providing solutions in steel and sheet metal fabrication, Danser has the capability and know-how to manage projects large and small. Danser custom fabricates and installs projects throughout the United States and internationally, and is a licensed General Contractor in several states.





Danser, Inc. offers complete metal fabricating services in a wide range of carbon steel and alloy metals. With over 50,000 square feet of fabrication facilities and acres of lay-down area, Danser has the equipment and space necessary to complete steel, sheet metal, piping, and modular construction projects. Danser also has in-house engineering and design services, which allows for quick, accurate project mobilization. 

Welding Capabilities

  • SMAW
  • GTAW
  • GMAW
  • FCAW

Shop Capacity 

  •  50,000 sq.ft
  • 10 ton crane capacity
  • Computer plasma cutting
  • Plate Rolls
  • Shearing
  • Press brake
  • Punching

Welders at Danser, Inc. are certified to ASME Section IX and AWS D1.1




Quality manufacturing

Danser, Inc. custom fabricates and installs sheet metal, plate, structural steel and piping. Our diverse product line includes systems for fuel conservation, dust collection and air pollution control, industrial heating, chemical manufacturing, and refining. 






Superior Service

Danser, Inc. is a full-service company. We are capable of installing everything we fabricate as well as customer products. With Danser, you'll have the installation that increases efficiency, minimizes downtime, and helps to control costs. We also have the ability to do "hot work" when there's no time for downtime — something others won't touch.

Danser installations:

  • Spiral ductwork
  • Pollution Control Systems
  • Various Exhaust Systems
  • Recirculation Systems
  • Structural Steel
  • Kilns / Furnaces
  • Mechanical Piping
  • Insulation & Lagging
  • Vacuum Formed Material



Innovative High Temperature Solutions

A major DMS patented innovation: Vacuduct®, our high-temperature vacuum-formed insulated ductwork. Manufactured from virgin bulk ceramic fiber, Vacuduct® can be offered in a variety of fiber types withstanding temperatures up to 3000° Fahrenheit continuous. Vacuduct® can be formed inside any metal alloy duct, rolled and welded or spiral construction. From exhaust to hot kiln recirculation gas, the innovative DMS team can custom design a system that is suited for your needs. Vacuduct® is less expensive to install compared to other insulated ductwork, and it can practically cut heat loss (BTU/SF/Hr) in half.

Vacuduct® Benefits:

  • Functions under temperatures up to 3000°F
  • Instant on/off thermal protection
  • Lightweight ductwork is 20% the weight of castable
  • Faster installation with less support structure
  • Unlimited range of custom shapes and sizes

Major Vacuduct® Industries:

  • Ceramics
  • Chemicals
  • Fabricated metal
  • Glass
  • Lumber & wood products
  • Power generation
  • Primary metals
  • Pulp & paper
  • Refractories
  • Textiles

The Danser team also manufactures custom ceramic fiber insulation shapes in any size and configuration including:

  • U-tube bungs
  • Burner blocks
  • Damper boards
  • Riser tubes
  • Kiln door windows
  • Kiln peep sites

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

Vertical Integration

Danser, Inc. has experience completing multi-million dollar fabrication and construction projects safely and on time, including multi-craft projects. Danser's teams of engineers, project managers, and field foremen have decades of experience completing complex duct, piping, mechanical, structural steel, and other system installation and start-up assistance. Danser also has experience managing multiple subcontractors.

Turnkey services include:

  • Engineering and Design assistance
  • Total project management
  • Complete fabrication capabilities
  • Construction and installation
  • Start-up assistance
  • Troubleshooting

Hot Work

Hot Work

Emergency Repair 

Danser, Inc. has experience completing multi-million dollar fabrication and construction projects safely and on time, including multi-craft projects. Danser's teams of engineers, project managers, and field foremen have decades of experience completing complex duct, piping, mechanical, structural steel, and other system installation and start-up assistance. Danser also has experience managing multiple subcontractors.

Stuff happens, and nobody understands better than the people here at Danser. That's why we specialize in unique emergency repair or "hot work" — repairing or updating a kiln while it's still operating. Our hot work capabilities minimize or completely eliminate downtime so there is little or no interruption in production.

Hot work is made possible by Danser's design and fabrication expertise. The replacements to be installed are crafted to exact tolerances, which ensure an effective, infallible assembly.

Ductwork is installed on the kiln in a rapid sequence where a fan is temporarily shut down or a back-draft is created so normal kiln operation can be quickly resumed. Piping and burner installation might require no kiln shutdown at all.

Danser has developed the "hot work" capability from years of experience in the field. Our team is ready and equipped to get your systems back up and running on an emergency basis — with only a few days, to a few hours notice.

Danser's "Hot Work" Capabilities include the installation and replacement of:

  • New or reworked ductwork
  • Burners
  • Piping
  • Controls

The advantages of "Hot Work"

  • Valuable time savings
  • Minimal to no production loss
  • Overall cost savings
  • Quality fabrication and installation
  • Experienced professionals
  • Fast response, quick results



More than Metal

Safety, Quality and Value: Our Core Competiencies 

More than Metal

Safety, Quality and Value: Our Core Competiencies 

Beyond Metal

Danser, Inc, is more than just your average steel and sheet metal fabricator. With over seventy years of experience, Danser provides custom solutions to projects worldwide. Our core competencies in safety, quality and value have enabled us to become a successful, growing company,. 


The Danser, Inc. quality control system is compliant to the ASME and National Board standards. Our quality program governs custom inspection and testing per project. Each project has a unique quality report per customer requirements.

From the shop to the field, you can count on team Danser to finish your projects on time, on budget and with the best quality in the industry. Danser brings you the expertise and quality that has taken us all over the world, working for the leading names in the brick, ceramics, tile and flatware industries.

Our Safety Philosophy 

It is the policy of Danser, Inc. and our employees to ensure every job is a safe job. An effective safety and health program is critical to the success of our company.

Danser is totally committed to the health and safety of its employees and customers both on and off the job. We believe accidents are counterproductive, preventable, and detrimental to the company.

We are proud of our safety records, our accident prevention programs and our employees who work so effectively in maintaining both. In support of these objectives, we will maintain safe working conditions, while providing proper training, tools and facilities.

Danser, Inc. requires all employees to comply with all applicable OSHA regulations and plant safety requirements, and to cooperate with all company employees who are designated and identified as having responsibility for the company's safety, security and health.


Safety in Everything We Do

  • EMR
  • 2017: 0.72
  • 2016: 0.67
  • 2015: 0.77
  • 2014: 0.69
  • Daily safety meetings / toolbox meetings before work begins
  • Every installation projects has responsible safety individual assigned
  • Pre–mobilization meeting outlining all safety hazards and examining possible engineering controls to mitigate risk


Danser Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is a subsidiary of Danser, Inc. founded in 2003. DMS is a proud manufacturer of Vacuducts® — high temperature vacuum formed insulated ductwork, and custom fiber shapes.

The existing DMS business core includes:

  • System solutions — the real Vacuduct®
  • Custom and standard vacuum formed shapes
  • 2300º, 2600º, and 3000º F
  • Boards, peep sites, burner blocks,
    inspection ports, roof panels, kiln car refractory, riser tubes, slide dampers, etc.
  • OEM
  • Special, hi–tech projects partnered on highly technical fuel cell and syn-gas projects
  • Innovation driven

DMS Ceramic Fibers

The ceramic fibers used in Danser vacuum-formed products, including Vacuduct® components, are manufactured from alumina-silica materials. These fibers are chemically inert. Some of the outstanding and unique properties they offer are: high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, lightweight, superior corrosion resistance and excellent sound absorption. The ceramic fibers in Danser vacuum-formed products are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, surface areas and chemical compositions.

These fibers can be further modified to improve thermal conductivity to meet rigorous customer requirements. The fibers exhibit excellent chemical stability and resistance to attack from most corrosive agents. Exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali solutions. They also effectively resist oxidation and reduction. If saturated by water or steam, thermal and physical properties are restored upon drying.


Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

Brains & Brawn 

Danser's Estimating and Engineering Department assists customers to find the most cost effective solution for their application. Our highly skilled team is experienced in recommending design changes and detailing in the following areas:

1) Baghouse Systems

  1. Layout of system

2) Duct Systems

  1. High temperature exhaust duct systems
  2. Heat recovery duct systems
  3. Corrosive gas duct systems
  4. Fume exhaust duct systems
  5. Air filtering system
  6. Custom Dampers

3) Tanks

  1. Storage Tanks
  2. Part Dipping Tanks

4) Other Custom Applications

  1. Steel shell furnaces
  2. Cooling tunnels
  3. Structural steel support structures

Danser's Estimating and Engineering Departments utilize the following software:

  • AutoDesk® Inventor 2008
  • AutoDesk® AutoCAD Mechanical 2009
  • QuickPen AutoBid SheetMetal
  • QuickPen Vulcan 6XP
  • Codeware COMPRESS
  • Structural Material Manager

Combustion Services

Combustion Services

Improving Existing Sytems

Danser offers a full range of value added combustion and burner tune–up services and consulting for improved temperature uniformity and product recovery on kilns, furnaces and dryers. Evaluations and energy efficiency audits can be performed routinely or on an emergency basis.

Services provided by our specialists include:

  • Evaluating current operational practices for firing, heat treating & drying processes
  • Recommending changes to the cycle of existing equipment to improve product recovery
  • Providing supervision and/or manpower as required to see recommendations through completion

We also provide fabrication of Engineered Equipment — Kilns, Furnaces and Dryers — per customer–supplied drawings, along with project management, site installation and start–up services.