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Company History

Founder of Danser

Danser, Inc.

Danser, Inc. was originally founded by Mr. William J. Danser in the mid 1930's as Danser Roofing Company. Following a suspension of operations during World War II, Mr. Danser resumed the business in 1943 in partnership with his son-in-law, Mr. Walter C. Chichester, and expanded into the sheet metal industry. Danser, Inc. became a West Virginia corporation on March 10, 1971.

Located in downtown Parkersburg in the Parkersburg Urban Renewal Project, the company's business was primarily local until Harrop Ceramic Service Company, a kiln manufacturer, approached Danser about supplying and installing sheet metal ductwork and combustion piping on Harrop's projects. Thus began Danser's nationwide involvement in the kiln industry.

Founder of Danser In 1954, Mr. Danser retired and Mr. Chichester became the sole proprietor until his death in 1965. His widow, Mrs. Martha Chichester, continued the business and incorporated in 1971, relocating the company to its present plant site on Murphytown Road, just off US route 50, three miles east of I-77. Mrs. Chichester retired in 1986, transferring her ownership to her daughter, Sharon L. Davis. Mrs. Davis' husband, Victor M. Davis, is the CEO of Danser, Inc., having served as General Manager and then CEO since Mr. Chichester's death.

Currently, Danser, Inc. is a vertically integrated fabrication and construction company completing projects across the United States. Please read more about our capabilities in the What We Do section.


Strip Line Expansion

Location: Ghent,
Kentucky, USA

Customer: Andritz, Inc.

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"Danser Inc. should be very proud of the fine organization they have put together. I know they make my job easier."

– Frank Szulborski, SPE-AMEREX INC.

"Danser has surely proven that they are genuinely committed to producing quality products on time."

– Thomas J. Wolf, ANDRITZ INC.

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